WR Open Finals: Untitled vs Outbreak


PG: Antoine 

SG: YouBots

SF: Sub

PF: Gloski 

C: Raw


PG: DevingodYT 

SG: oShoTyme


PF: Bigliim

C: xoDinero

Game One: Untitled defeats Outbreak 64-56

Game Two: Untitled defeats Breakout 69-59

Keys to the game 

-Antoine was able to find frequent success working from three throughout both games as XKIK6X struggled to slow him down defensively. He also was able to facilitate effectively throughout both games, and kept his turnovers down. 

-Untitled was able to force turnovers as a team throughout the series, occasionally turning those turnovers into fast break points.

-DevingodYT found success working from beyond the arc at times, but he was unable to find a consistent offensive rhythm throughout the series, turning the ball over six times in game one.

-ShoTyme was able to find success working the pick and roll and finding success from three point range. Stagnant offense at times from Outbreak ultimately cost them the series.

Matchup MVP: Antoine (23ppg,13apg)