WR Open Ball So Hard vs C4 Avengers Recap

In today’s post, I recap the WR Open series that took place last night Between C4 Avengers and Ball So Hard. Thank you for taking the time to read the article and feel free to let me know your thoughts!

Ball So Hard Starting Lineup 

PG: Mooch

SG: Cruxify 

SF: Kai

PF: Replays

C: Buddah

C4 Avengers Starting Lineup 

PG: Fendi

SG: LockEmUpC

SF: Clout CLB

PF: Peja

C: Stexy

Ball So Hard defeats C4 Avengers 64-62

Keys to the game 

Fendi was able to find occasional success working from three-point range throughout the game for C4 Avengers . 

Mooch was also able to find success from three-point range, despite periods of stagnant offense. He did a solid job of working the pick-and- roll with Buddah throughout the game as well.

Cruxify was able to find success from three point range. He played a big role in the game as Mooch struggled to find a consistent offensive rhythm. 

Ball So Hard allowed C4 Avengers to attempt to mount a comeback by giving up too many threes off of miscommunication defensively and turnovers on the offensive end in the second half.

Ball So Hard was able to force turnovers some turnovers throughout the game which they were able to convert into fast break points occasionally.

At the end of regulation, LockEmUpC passed the ball to Fendi, when Fendi tried to fade, his shot was blocked, giving Ball So Hard the victory.

Matchup MVP: Cruxify (24ppg,4apg)

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