Unified Pro-Am World Championship Preview

In today’s post, we review some of the Unified Pro-Am World Championship teams and rosters. The event will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a $130,000 total prize pool. These teams look to end NBA 2K22 strong, hoping to open some eyes and build up their draft stock moving forward in front of a live audience.

Empire Gaming

PG: Greens

SG: Chess

SF: Steals

PF: DeJuan 

C: Sleepski

With a squad full of superstar talent and young players, Empire Gaming looks to take the Unified Pro-Am World Championships by storm behind the young phenom Greens. With their first-round matchup against Before The Fame, the question remains: Does Empire Gaming fall victim to a “trap game,” or do they come out hot and make a statement early? The question remains to be seen. How far can this team go behind a score-heavy point guard in Greens? For me, this team will live and dies by Greens’ ability to keep the points pouring in. If Greens is clicking early, this team is an obvious ‘favorite’. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if Greens comes out slow versus Before The Fame, it could be a long day at the office.


PG: Spam

SG: Benzo

SF: Sub

PF: Stex

C: Peroxide 

Execution looks to come out firing on all cylinders as they face Major Bump in the first round of the Unified Pro-Am World Championships. The question is: which version of Spam are we going to see? Think back to the UPA Dallas tournament during last post-draft. Spam took the entire tournament by storm, rolling through the competition and collecting a major tournament win with Liquid Pro-Am. Will it be the same this time around? Or does Major Bump have other plans?

Feared Potential

PG: Antoine 

SG: Greenlight

SF: LawRich

PF: JaySnags 

C: AntDontMiss

Feared Potential enters the Unified Pro-Am World Championship as one of the hottest teams in post-draft thus far. Do we see the dominance of four consecutive WR Championships, or will this be a block in the road to end post-draft play for Feared Potential? As they anticipate the next round, only one question remains: Can the winner of Frosted Esports and Up The Score 5K come in with an upset on their mind, or does Feared Potential come out and make a statement to begin the weekend?


PG: Stain

SG: iMx Work

SF: Chuck 

PF: Smoove

C: Tellemlou

Throwdown looks to enter the Unified Pro-Am World Championships on the right foot. As a squad, they haven’t quite found their momentum throughout post-draft, but they look to change that perception over the weekend. With their second-round matchup lingering, there are questions to be asked. Does a veteran squad in Throwdown have what it takes to pull off the victory, or does the winner of DBD OTF and Shots Fired Gaming come in and handle business giving Throwdown the first-round exit?

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