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  • Twitter Username:TeziiGrinds
  • Twitch Username:ImTezii
  • Discord Username:TezzoFrmTrenches
  • Have you participated in an WR League event before? if so what was the most recent?:No
  • PSN ID / GAMERTAG:TezzoDaVoice
  • Available Days:Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Availability:Evenings, Nights
  • Preferred Position:Point Guard
  • Preferred Archetype:Shot Creator
  • Other Positions and Archetypes:N/A
  • Tell us what NBA Player(s) would you compare yourself most to? and why?:Damian Lillard because of his locked in moments. Also, speaking momentum & my in game actions brings more momentum into my team when down.
  • Do you have any 2K competitive Pro-Am experience? Below list any 2K competitive Pro-AM experience and/or accolades you may have.:No
  • Tell us more about yourself:Life outside the gaming world is very stressful. I lost my sibling to gun violence and life hasn’t been the same since. I always wanted to experience the competitive side of pro am and I feel as this is the first step into doing it. 2k always been my escape from any and everything that causes stress in my life.