Tip Off Tournament

Tournament Information

Game Mode/ Settings

  • PS5 & XBox Series X/S
  • 5v5  Pro-Am Mode
  • Private Matchmaking


  • Registration begins 3/6/23 and ends 3/10/23
  • Registration is open to all teams and players that have not placed in the Top 8 or better in any UPA event since the release of NBA 2K23
  • $65 Per Team, no refunds for any reason
  • Any attempt to mislead staff to enter this tournament will result in immediate removal and no refund

Tournament Structure

  • Two tournaments, one for PS5 and one for Xbox X/S.
  • Single elimination Best of Three (BO3) including the finals.
  • 24 Hour Rounds
  • Seeding will be determined by order of registration.
  • Best of three finals on set days and times
    • XBX March 26, 2023 at 8:00 PM
    • PS5 March 26, 2023 at 9:30 PM
  • Finals streamed exclusively on Twitch.tv/UnifiedProAm
    • Unless otherwise changed by admin team


  • $1000 Rising Stars Tip Off Tournament Winners
  • Top 4 teams will receive 10% discount code for Rising Stars season
    • Rising Stars Season Registration begins 3/27/2023


Round Begins (8:00 AM ET) Ends (7:59 AM ET)
1 March 20, 2023 March 21, 2023
2 March 21, 2023 March 22, 2023
3 March 22, 2023 March 23, 2023
4 March 23, 2023 March 24, 2023
5 March 24, 2023 March 25, 2023
6 March 25, 2023 March 26, 2023



  • All Rising Stars RulesTerms of Service, and Privacy Policy apply except as modified on this tournament landing page.
  • All teams must have the Rising Stars or UPA logo on their court. This can be found searching WRLeague on NBA 2K23. No other league logo should be displayed on the court.
  • All of the games from every series including losses must be submitted to the appropriate discord channels.
  • Typical reasonable availability is 8 PM to 1 AM EST. There will be no extensions.
  • The finals will be streamed exclusively on twitch.tv/UnifiedProAm channels. Two designated streamers (1 per team) will be paid $50 for streaming on private UPA accounts. If anyone else on the team streams or burner account streams are leaked it may result in a forfeit.
  • Violation of all of the rules contained herein and on the rules page may result in a forfeit.

Team Registration

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