MPBA Playoffs Tunnel Vision vs Deception

Tunnel Vision 

PG: Dimer

SG: Ant

SF: Dario

PF: Spammy

C: Vults


PG: Cooks

SG: Trey

SF: Icyy

PF: iamDvpe 

C: Dtrick 

Game One: Tunnel Vision defeats Deception via forfeit

Game Two: Tunnel Vision defeats Deception 69-67

Keys To The Game 

In game two, Ant was magnificent from the field throughout the game thanks to the defensive shortcomings from Deception. He accumulated an astonishing 42 points, shooting 75 percent from the field. He also did a fine job of limiting his turnovers.

Cooks was inefficient from the field throughout the game with Dario doing a solid job of containing him defensively. Cooks racked up 18 points, shooting an underwhelming 46 percent from the field. He also did a favorable job facilitating.

Tunnel Vision did a tremendous job forcing turnovers throughout the game, occasionally converting those turnovers into points.

With the game tied at 67 with 4.1 seconds remaining in the 4th quarter, Icyy fouled Ant to send him to the line to shoot two free throws. As a result, Tunnel Vision was able to escape with the two-point victory.

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