MPBA Playoffs Bench All Stars vs Slight Work

Bench All Stars

PG: Matty

SG: Bsmoove

SF: Zae

PF: May

C: Sawc

Slight Work

PG: Fab

SG: DemonJT

SF: FutureClutch 

PF: BigRim

C: JayDubb

Game One: Bench All Stars defeats Slight Work 70-45

Game Two: Bench All Stars defeats Slight Work via forfeit

Keys To The Game 

May was exceptional from the field throughout the game thanks to the defensive blunders from Slight Work. He accumulated 21 points, shooting an astounding 90 percent from the field.

Matty was effective from the field as FutureClutch struggled to stay in front of him. He assembled 16 points shooting a terrific 87 percent from the field. He also did an outstanding job facilitating and limiting his turnovers.

Bench All Stars did a great job forcing turnovers throughout the game, frequently converting those turnovers into points on the offensive end.

Bench All Stars was able to take advantage of a commanding third quarter, outscoring Slight Work 22-14. From that point forward, they never looked back as they went on to secure the dominant victory.

Fab was effective from the field throughout the game as Matty struggled to contain him at times. He racked up 23 points, shooting a quality 56 percent from the field. Ultimately, it wasnโ€™t enough, as turnovers and lifeless offense proved to be the thorn in the side for Slight Work as they were never able to overcome a dreadful third quarter.

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