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How much does it cost to sign up? How do I sign up? Can I join your league? Any other questions similar.

Pre-season: You can register at https://wr-league.com/registration/. Registration comes with two tournaments, a regular season, and a playoff or consolation tournament if you meet minimum games played. Let me know if you have any questions.

In-season: You can register at https://wr-league.com/registration/. Please note you must get 20 games in to be eligible for a chance at the playoffs and will not be awarded extra time.

Can I add someone/remove someone/etc from roster?

Pre-season: All roster changes can be made at https://wr-league.com/roster-changes/. Roster changes are free until the WR Open bracket comes out. Use coupon code UPDT21 at checkout. If you exceed 10 roster spots we will charge $10.

In-season: All roster changes can be made at https://wr-league.com/roster-changes/. It costs $10 to add someone to your roster and $0 to remove someone from your roster.

Refund requests of ANY kind. If they even use the word refund at all.

WR Pro-Am League has a strict no refund policy. This is covered in the terms of service you agreed to when signing up. Please review at https://wr-league.com/terms-of-service/.

Did you receive my payment?

If the email came through it is paid. If an email didn’t come through it’s not.

Ask for team name, twitter handle, email, or some other feature then search the inbox. If we have received the registration, then they have paid.

I don’t have PayPal, do you take Cash App?

PayPal is preferred but if for some reason cash app is necessary we have cash app. Send payment to $PAYWRL. You must include your team name and captain twitter handle in the notes. Take a screen shot of the payment and we will create a code for you to register.

**Send Ev and Lux the twitter @ and one will create code**

Do you take Venmo?

PayPal is preferred but if for some reason Venmo is necessary, send to @WRPAL and include your team name and captain twitter handle in the notes. Take a screen shot of the payment and we will create a code for you to register.

**Send Ev and Lux the twitter @ and one will create code**

Do you take apple pay?

Sorry, we do not accept apple pay at this time. We will accept paypal, cash app or Venmo.

Where can I find the WR Logos for my court?


When is the deadline?

Season: Every deadline is outlined at https://wr-league.com/schedule

Tournament: Every deadline is outlined on the tournament page at https://tournaments.wr-league.com/  (**ADD THE APPROPRIATE URL)

How much is the prize?

Season: Prize is outlined on https://wr-league.com/rules

My roster isn’t right.

Please give us 48 hours to update the rosters. You may play in the meantime if your roster change has been submitted. If it’s been more than 48 hours, please submit a ticket to https://wr-league.com/support

I am missing games or I have an error to my stats.

If you are missing games and ONLY if it has been more than 5 business days since you submitted on Discord, resubmit the win. Please ensure you have checked the website and submitted the screen shots with the exact team name and opponent team name listed on the website. If you haven’t that is why the submission didn’t get recorded. Go to https://wr-league.com.

If your stats are incorrect on a game or the game is invalid, go to https://wr-league.com/support

How do I become a free agent?

**ONLY if select signups are ongoing**

We have WR Select Draft League for people without a team. More information on that league can be found at https://Select.WR-League.com/player-application

**ONLY if Raise your stock signups are ongoing**

We have WR/MPBA Raise Your Stock for people without a team. More information on that league can be found at https://tournaments.wr-league.com/rys

**If no other signups are ongoing**

We don’t have an official free agency for WR Original. You can tag @WRProAmLeague that you’re a FA on Twitter with your builds/console and we’ll retweet. We’d also recommend tagging @2KCompGames and #2KFreeAgent

How do I sign up for the draft league?

More information on WR Select can be found at https://Select.WR-League.com/player-application

How do I sign up for the tournament?

More information on our tournaments can be found at https://tournaments.wr-league.com

**Please add the URL of the tournament that is currently ongoing**

For new signups to league that didn’t receive discord email:

Please check your spam folder and/or search for an email from wrproam@gmail.com

**If they checked their spam folder, ask for team name, captain email, twitter etc. and then look up in the email if they are a registered captain.

ONLY send this to registered captains. NO ONE ELSE.

Thank you for participating in another WR Pro-Am League Season. Please use this invite to join our discord server.

1) Follow the instructions in the #2k20-season channel to assign yourself to the appropriate Captain Role.


You may only share the link with one co-captain.

Change Your Name To The Following Format When You Join:

Team Name / Console

Other important links and notes

PS5 team page link: https://wr-league.com/ps4/teams/

Xbox S/X team page link: https://wr-league.com/xbx/teams/

PS5 standings link: https://wr-league.com/ps4/standings/

Xbox S/X standings link: https://wr-league.com/xbx/standings/

You can find the twitter handle of each captain and team by clicking their team page for scheduling tournament and playoff series.

Carefully review https://wr-league.com/rules. Everything you need to know is on that page.

Important deadlines are here https://wr-league.com/schedule.

Any and all game result disputes should be submitted at https://wr-league.com/support.

Last, if you are a new captain, follow this link (https://wr-league.com/owner-tips/) for tips on properly managing your team and having a successful first season.

My opponent isn’t responding/we can’t agree on a time disputes:

It is not our job to make teams play at your time. Refer to wr-league.com/rules for what to do. Please create a group Twitter chat with WR and the opposing captain. We will observe the communication and intervene when and only if it is necessary.

I can’t find my opponent’s contact information/How do I schedule the game:

Please navigate to your opponent’s team page and DM the captain’s Twitter. As an additional option, many team pages have the team twitter on it.

PS5 team page link: https://wr-league.com/ps5/teams/

Xbox S/X team page link: https://wr-league.com/xbx/teams/

Lag out questions/Server questions/almost all game play related questions:

Please carefully review https://wr-league.com/rules/ and follow our guidelines. Almost every conceivable issue is outlined in detail on that page. To send a dispute of a game result or report incorrectly recorded games, visit https://wr-league.com/support. WR will not make any decisions or accept any proof of disputes on the Twitter timeline or via direct messages. If it is the playoffs, please let us know when it has been submitted for more immediate action. Before submitting any violations, please have carefully reviewed the rules to ensure it is actually a violation. Repeatedly submitting fake violations will result in removal of your team from the league with no refund. Note: If a team begins a game knowing the opponent is in violation of any league rule, that team is automatically accepting the results of that game.

Questions that are unique/not covered above and you can not figure out the answer:

Unfortunately, I am unable to answer your question. Please create one group Twitter message with both @deluxpike10 and @evthatguy in it to get the issue resolved.

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