ADBA Playoffs What Is Comp vs Feared Potential

What Is Comp

PG: Antoine 

SG: YouBots

SF: Sub

PF: Gloski 

C: Raw

Feared Potential 

PG: Greenlight 

SG: ClinZelos

SF: LawRich

PF: JaySnagss

C: AntDontMiss

Game One: What Is Comp defeats Feared Potential 62-58

Game Two: What Is Comp defeats Feared Potential 57-32

Keys To The Game

  • Antoine was able to find success from three-point range occasionally throughout the series. He also did a great job working the pick-and-roll with Raw throughout both games as well.
  • Turnovers and missed shots hurt Feared Potential as they were unable to find a consistent offensive rhythm throughout game two.
  • Sub did a solid job staying in front of Greenlight throughout the series, limiting his looks from the field and forcing turnovers to lead the way defensively for What Is Comp.
  • Greenlight was able to find occasional success working from three-point range throughout the series, but stagnant offense ultimately cost Feared Potential the series.
  • Sub and Gloski found success offensively from three due to frequently late rotations or no rotations at all from Feared Potential defensively

Matchup MVP: Sub (9ppg-4.5spg)