ADBA Playoffs: Feared Potential vs Wetboyz

Feared Potential 

PG: Greenlight 

SG: ClinZelos

SF: LawRich

PF: JaySnaggs

C: AntDontMiss


PG: LGshow

SG: VardoBeShootin

SF: PapiJerm

PF: JustBucketz

C: ShaunWin

(Lineup change prior to game two for Wetboyz, InTinoWeTrust subbed in for PapiJerm)

Series Results

Game One: Feared Potential defeats Wetboyz 73-45

Game Two: Feared Potential defeats Wetboyz 62-40 

Keys To The Series 

  • Greenlight was able to find frequent success from three-point range throughout the series as Vardo struggled to slow him down defensively. Greenlight was also able to facilitate effectively and did a great job limiting his turnovers.
  • LG was able to find occasional success from downtown, but LawRich did a great job limiting his looks from the field throughout the series as stagnant offense hurt Wetboyz due to missed shots and turnovers. 
  • ClinZelos was also able to find frequent success from downtown throughout the series for Feared Potential, as Wetboyz struggled to get stops defensively.

Matchup MVP: Greenlight (16ppg-10apg)