ADBA Playoffs Feared Potential vs ENG


PG: iBall Greens


SF: Clampism 

PF: GalloLeekStickRob

C: SheLoveBenzo

Feared Potential 

PG: Greenlight

SG: ClinZelos 

SF: LawRich 

PF: JaySnagss 

C: AntDontMiss 

Series Results 

Game One: ENG defeats Feared Potential 79-75

Game Two: ENG defeats Feared Potential 74-71

Keys To The Series 

Chess was able to find frequent success from three-point range, both in transition and in the half court throughout game one as Feared Potential struggled to slow him down defensively. 

Greens was able to find success from downtown throughout the series. He did a solid job facilitating and limiting his turnovers .

Greenlight was able to find success from downtown in the series. He also facilitated well and limited his turnovers. Unfortunately, Feared Potential struggled to get stops on the defensive end and they had periods of stagnant offense, costing them in the series.

Down 10 points towards the end of the third quarter in game two, ENG was able to capitalize on a fourth quarter run, where they outscored Feared Potential 25-13, helping them secure the sweep in the series.

At the end of game two, Greens hit the game winning three as time expired, leading ENG to the series victory.