ADBA Finals Execution Vs OPM


PG: Bray

SG: Benzo

SF: iamDvpe

PF: Jolo

C: Peroxide 

Other People’s Misery

PG: Marquise 

SG: Gazuli

SF: Crazy

PF: FeachTBD/Komp

C: Wale

Game One: Execution defeats Other People’s Misery 63-51

Game Two: Execution defeats Other People’s Misery 69-54

Game Three: Other People’s Misery defeats Execution 74-71

Game Four: Execution defeats Other People’s Misery 67-39

Keys To The Game 

-Defense led the way for Execution as they were able to frequently force turnovers throughout the series and convert those turnovers into fast break points.

-Bray was able to find success working from three-point range throughout the series  while also working the P&R effectively for Execution.

-Execution frequently gave up corner threes in game three because of defensive miscommunication.  Marquise did a solid job finding his teammates and taking advantage of defensive breakdowns from Execution. 

-Marquise was able to find occasional success working from three- point range, but stagnant offense and turnovers for Other People’s Misery ultimately cost them the series.

-Benzo led the way on both ends of the floor for Execution, finding frequent success from three-point range while causing havoc on the defensive end, forcing several turnovers for Execution.

Matchup MVP: Benzo (24ppg, 3.3spg) *Stats are from three out of the four games*